Saving One

Brief Summary:

It doesn’t take advanced calculus to realize that there’s no easy solution to the formula: Jeffrey Coleman, a biomedical researcher at the National Institutes of Health, has one kidney to donate, but two desperate recipients. With both of his twin sons suffering from Polycystic Kidney Disease, he is torn between the loyalty and love of one son and the scorn and anger of the other. Saving One examines love, betrayal and forgiveness, and brings to life a cast of memorable characters that evoke great empathy, and is a grippingly suspenseful novel that holds the reader spellbound until the final page.

“Steve Caplan delights with this tale of an NIH scientist, Jeffrey Coleman, Ph.D., who is still grieving over the loss of his wife two years prior. Coleman's life becomes complicated very quickly when he learns that both of his twin sons are seriously ill from a rare genetic illness. Coleman discovers he has the power to personally intervene and save one of his sons–but he can't save both. Or, can he? Saving One  is fast-paced medical thriller that is sure to please.”
~ Phillip E. Temples, Machine Feelings and Other Stories


“In Caplan’s taut new medical thriller, a 21st Century medical researcher is faced with Old Testament-type moral dilemmas . . . If Michael Palmer had written a modern-day version of The Prodigal Son, it would look something like Saving One.”

~Rob Dinsmoor, Tales of the Troupe and You Can Leave Anytime


Saving One is an exciting page-turner that brings to life a cast of memorable characters and keeps the reader on the edge of her/his seat until the final page.


“a grippingly suspenseful story that holds the reader spellbound until the final page.”

~ Boston Literary Magazine


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