A Degree of Betrayal

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Published by: Big Table Publishing


Brilliant and determined graduate student Maya Golan almost has it all: supportive parents, loving husband and beautiful baby girl, and her Ph.D. and post-doctoral position are finally within reach. But destructive forces and betrayal are at work in the lab, and an accusation of murder threatens to ruin everything she’s worked for. Set in Omaha, NE, A Degree of Betrayal is a an exciting mystery and thrilling courtroom drama with a twist of science, showcasing the problematic intersections between mentors and students, while highlighting academic friction and research behind the scenes at a major medical school.

“Steve Caplan’s A Degree of Betrayal is a superbly written and crafted story. He takes the lives of five individuals throws them together and then, interweaves them in this story about love, trust, and ultimately betrayal. A Degree of Betrayal is a fascinating and compelling read.”

~ Jeffrey Miller, Ice Cream Headache and When A Hard Rain Falls

“As a scientist, Steve Caplan brings unmistakable authority to this lablit tale, drawing the reader into the complex and fascinating world of biological research. Part mystery, part insider’s view of the research life, A Degree of Betrayal is an entertaining and compelling read.”

~ Tom Mahony, Imperfect Solitude and Pacific Offering

“Steve Caplan is a research scientist, able, in his novels, to give us that rare insight into how modern scientists actually do their work: the rivalries, the jealousy, the crushing workloads, the unbelievable hours. And yes, the murders.”

~ Dr. Henry Gee, The Accidental Species: Misunderstandings of Human Evolution

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